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“Exterminator”, “house inspection”, “pest control”, “rodent control”, whatever it is you are searching for, search no further! Honest Rodent Proofing is the highest rated rodent proofing and control company in your area!

Our goal is to assist you with all of your rodent removal needs. Rodents can can cause a happy home to be a very uneasy and in some cases an unsafe situation, Honest Rodent Proofing is here to help!Honest Rodent Proofing offers the latest in eco-friendly Rodent Control and Rodent Removal techniques. *Rodent proofing *Rodent removal *Attic & crawl space clean-upheldl

Our 4-Step Removal Process

Our unique 4-Step Rodent Removal Process is proven to get rodents out of your home and protect your family and property from future re-infestation. We know how rodents think and where they go. This is why our unique approach to rodent removal and control works, and is like no other.After the house inspection or business inspection and removal, our restoration team will sanitize the infested areas. The areas are then deodorized to minimize odors, making your home less attractive to other rodents. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of re-entry.

It’s imperative to control the outdoor rodents around your home by reducing their population. Doing so will make re-infestation that much less likely. This is why your rodent protection plan will include new trapping systems that keep new rats and mice away.

At Honest Rodent Proofing we know it’s much more than just rodent control to our clients…it’s about a healthy environment and peace of mind, in your home or your business. We pride ourselves on effective solutions to your rodent problem. A lot of companies focus on volume of work, instead of focusing on the rodent removal process and for us customer service is our passion!

They were very accommodating.  Within a couple days they came in and sealed the vulnerable areas.  Came back to check on their work and ensure that the rodents did not continue.  Have had no issues at all.  The service was great and the cost was affordable.  Not outrageous like others had quoted me.  Definitely would use them again if I had the same problem.

Nubia R.

Concord CA

They helped us rodent proof our newly purchased home. Vidal did a great job sealing all points of entry in the crawl space and roof. We now have peace of mind and not have to worry about rats.

Jan C.

Martinez CA

The team was quick, efficient, and thorough to install a rat slab and address some access points that occurred due to seasonal settling of the house. The work looks very good, and no evidence of rats since they finished the work.


Lafayette CA

Anthony came out to our home promptly, gave us a detailed quote and has been a great communicator with good follow up.

Ingrid E.

Concord CA

Honest Rodent Proofing company was recommended to me when I was having a rodent problem. They came out and put a concrete slab (rodent slab) on the entire ground surface under my house.  Chris and Tom were professional, courteous, and helpful; their team cleaned up after themselves and even got rid of some debris that was under the house. After the job was complete, they came out three times to check the traps and there was no activity. I am very pleased with their work and would recommend honest Rodent Proofing  to anyone who is experiencing a rodent problem.

Lorraine G.

Richmond CA

“We received four bids to rodent proof our home and Honest Rodent Proofing lived up to its name.  Anthonie’s approach, cost and work was all five stars.  Every small opening which might allow a critter to enter our homes was closed, traps were set in our crawl space, and not one Rodent was captured do to their diligence.

“They returned as promised to once again crawl under our home to retrieve their trap; as they did when they first installed them, they put plastic covering from the closet area for access to our front door.

“Without naming names of other bidders, one walked around the perimeter  of our home, never going under the house, and claimed there were holes dug by rats to go under our foundation and we needed to cement the entire crawl space.  The cost for the cement (no rebar) was in the thousands.  My advice, get some bids and then hire Honest Rodent Proofing.”

Jim H.

Danville CA

We called Honest Rodent Proofing for a rodent exclusion. This turned into removing crawlspace insulation that had been horribly damaged — but, as we discovered , not by rodents. H.R.P. got to chase a mother raccoon and 7 babies out of our crawlspace, prevent them and any rodents from returning, and eliminate any rodents that were trapped in the crawlspace and attic when entry points were closed off.

Honest Rodent Proofing has scheduled as many return trips as necessary to check traps and ensure that the job was completely done. They’ve done a wonderful job on our house, and we absolutely recommend them.

VH and BB

Pleasant Hill CA

Honest Rodent and the team were amazing. A.J, Tom, Chris, Yami…. everyone deserves five stars. The job was big and rushed because we were planning to travel a few days later and did not want to leave the house vulnerable and full of rodents. Yami did an incredible job of shoving us last minute into their tight agenda.

We had Norway rats inside the house destroying everything and toxic dangerous raccoon latrines in the attic. There were many burrows and entry points everywhere for the pests and our insulation and ducts had been destroyed.
It was a four day operation that required three truck load of cement and on one particular day we had twenty one men working there.

We moved out of the house to a hotel because we were worried about the toxicity and the heating was turned off but the Honest Rodent team cleaned up every evening and when they left on the last day, our home was impeccable.
I also appreciated the daily updates, their fast pre and post service, helping us deal with insurances and the follow-ups with traps, also the fact that when needed they put in many more hours than those planned originally.

Everything is now on standby because of the lockdown but Honest Rodent will continue to check the traps until the last rat is done and dealt with.

I could not recommend this company more!  oh and ps: our heating has never worked better and our home is finally warm!

miss p.

Alamo CA

The one thing no one wants to hear… the pitter-patter of footsteps in your crawl space.  I immediately made a call to Honest Rodent Proofing. Jacky, the office manager, and Anthony provided top notch customer service. They were both extremely professional and very responsive. Honest Rodent Proofing had 6 people show up the day of the job  (I was really impressed with Chris!!!it’s not often you see a person so dedicated to satisfying a client)
They were able to tear out all of our old insulation and poor a new slab in 1 day. This was no small job and the team at Honest Rodent Proofing exceeded all expectations!

I would recommend them to anyone looking to solve an infestation problem!

Corey M

Lafayette CA

I have to say that the entire Honest Rodent Proofing team (Yami, Chris, Tom, AJ and many others) was fabulous.

But let me step back a bit to tell you how we got to them.

Hearing noises in our house for too long, and  trying to figure out what to do about it by ourselves for several months and getting nowhere, we were frustrated beyond belief. I watched so many videos on how to do exclusion work by yourself but nothing was working.

We finally decided to call in the professionals.  We read tons of reviews on Yelp and decided to send a request for quote to HRP.  Yami was on it!  A  few minutes after I sent the request, she responded. I was impressed by the speed in which she responded.

Jimmy from Honest RP came out and gave us an estimate and said that we needed to have a slab installed to stop the problem.  He said that a slab would be the only way they could warranty their work. When I saw the estimate, I was in a bit of sticker shock. I’ve had exclusion work done before on another house (in another state) and the cost was much lower, but it wasn’t a slab installation and it was a much smaller house. Another company came out and gave us a very different recommendation — no slab and a lot less money.  So here we had these two very different estimates and very different suggestions and we didn’t know what to do. So we decided to get two more estimates. Similarly, one said slab, the other one said no slab.  Anyway, the companies who suggested  slab installation offered much longer warranties and after realizing the extent of the problem, the slab just made sense.   We had one more slab estimate thrown into the mix and the estimate from that company was higher than HRP so my initial sticker shock was balanced out.

After talking with AJ a few times, we decided to go with the slab and we are REALLY HAPPY that we did…


Wendy D

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