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Honest Rodent Proofing is a premier eco-friendly pest control company operating in the East Bay and Contra Costa county communities. We have been in business since 2017 and specialize in rodent removal services, including, inspections, removal, clean up and prevention in your home or business.

​Honest Rodent Proofing started out of the need for quality work in an industry that was sorely lacking. We have over a decade of experience, building multiple companies around rodent proofing and control. We saw an opportunity in the industry and are now offering a service that you can truly trust will get done the correct way the first time!

 Our Specialties

Our goal is to assist you with all of your rodent removal needs. Rodents can can cause a happy home to be a very uneasy and in some cases an unsafe situation, Honest Rodent Proofing is here to help!Honest Rodent Proofing offers the latest in eco-friendly Rodent Control and Rodent Removal techniques.

Our unique 4-Step Rodent Removal Process is proven to get rodents out of your home and protect your family and property from future re-infestation. We know how rodents think and where they go. This is why our unique approach to rodent removal and control works, and is like no other.

After the removal, our restoration team will sanitize the infested areas. The areas are then deodorized to minimize odors, making your home less attractive to other rodents. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of re-entry.

It’s imperative to control the outdoor rodents around your home by reducing their population. Doing so will make re-infestation that much less likely. This is why your rodent protection plan will include new trapping systems that keep new rats and mice away.

At Honest Rodent Proofing we know it’s much more than just rodent control to our clients…it’s about a healthy environment and peace of mind, in your home or your business. We pride ourselves on effective solutions to your rodent problem. A lot of companies focus on volume of work, instead of focusing on the rodent removal process and for us customer service is our passion!

 Customer service is our passion.

Honest Rodent Proofing is a locally owned, family run business that prides itself in the abilities of its employees. We also pride ourselves on effective solutions for your rodent problems. Many other companies focus on volume of work, instead of focusing on you, the customer. And for us here, at Honest Rodent Proofing, it’s all about, you, the customer!

With any infestation its about identifying the problem correctly and taking the necessary measures to shut down the pests ability to find food and shelter. At Honest Rodent Proofing, our years of experience guarantee the right solutions to your pest needs.

At Honest Rodent Proofing, we understand that it’s much more than “rodent control” to our clients… it’s about living or working a healthy environment with peace of mind.

A pest control company…

Rodent Proofing

 If you think rodents may be infesting your home or business then you may need our 4-Step Rodent Removal Process…

Rodent Removal

Nobody likes the idea of rats and mice infesting their home or business, doing damage in the attic, under the floors and behind the walls…

Attic and Crawl Space Clean-up

Our crawl space cleaning team follows the detailed report provided by your rodent inspectors to restore any areas that have been damaged by rodents…

“Honest did a great job in uncomfortable conditions (hot day in an attic). They communicated well and performed the scope of work (attic clean out and new insulation) professionally. They were diligent about site prep and cleaned up everything at the end of the day.”

~ Kevin Reimers

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