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Honest Rodent Proofing

Honest Rodent Proofing offers the latest in eco-friendly rodent control and rodent removal techniques.

​At Honest Rodent Proofing we know it’s much more than just rodent control to our clients… it’s about a healthy environment and peace of mind, in your home or your place of work.

We pride ourselves on effective solutions to your rodent problems. Other companies focus on volume of work, instead of focusing on the customer. And for us it’s all about the customer!

Customer service is our passion.



Rodent Proofing

 If you think rats or mice may be infesting your home space or business space then you may need our 4-step rodent removal process…

Rodent Removal

Nobody likes the idea of rats and mice infesting their home or businesses, doing damage in the attic, under the floors and behind the walls…

Attis and Crawl Space Clean-up

Our crawl space cleaning team follows the detailed report provided by your rodent inspector to restore any areas that have been damaged by rodents…

“Honest did a great job in uncomfortable conditions (hot day in an attic). They communicated well and performed the scope of work (attic clean out and new insulation) professionally. They were diligent about site prep and cleaned up everything at the end of the day.”

~ Kevin Reimers

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Learn more about Honest Rodent Proofing, and our an industry-leading 4-step process to get rid of rats, mice and other rodents once and for all!

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